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This week
Projected Sales
Est. Wages
$ 3,570.00
Scheduled hours
151h 0 min
Labor %
23.8 %
Projected Sales
15, 000.00
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Dan Stevens
0h 0min
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Daphne Kim
0h 0min
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Eliana Garcia
16h 0min - $160
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Eva Smith
15h 0min - $225
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Jasper Roberts
8h 0min - $200
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Julian Rodriguez
14h 0min - $120
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Liam Chen
8h 0min - $120
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Linda Wilson
42h 0min - $602
OT : 2h 0min
OT pay: $14
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Sebastian Greene
0h 0min
A Scheduled Restaurant Employee
Stella Martinez
0h 0min
Scheduled hours
Labor Cost
Labor Cost Percentage
9:00a - 5:00p
9:00a - 5:00p
16h 0min
11:00a - 5:00p
9:00a - 6:00p
15h 0min
9:00a - 5:00p
9:00a - 5:00p
16h 0min
5:00p - 11:00p
No Position
6h 0min
9:00a - 6:00p
9:00a - 5:00p
17h 0min
11:00a - 7:00p
9:00a - 6:00p
17h 0min
9:00a - 5:00p
9:00a - 5:00p
16h 0min
Saved in wages
Staff turnover reduction
Less scheduled hours
Overtime pay saved

Values reflect the monthly average savings of a location using Cuttinboard across a year. Learn more

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Cut labor cost

By creating more efficient schedules and avoiding overtime

Cut waste

By tracking, reporting and assessing the health of your inventory

Cut time

By distributing shift tasks and getting things done twice as fast

Cut stress

By creating streamlined processes that automate your restaurant

Cut paperwork

By moving to a completely digital workspace

Cut training time

By storing training files that your staff can see on their phones

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Cuttinboard can manage multiple locations

Designed for multi-unit management

Cuttinboard was carefully designed to manage any number of locations. Want to create a strong culture across 100 locations? No problem. You can manage all your locations right from our comprehensive dashboard, add Supervisors that help you transmit your culture and distribute Global Notes and Files for all employees in your company.

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Built by Restaurant Professionals

Our founder, a restaurant manager for many years, experienced the inefficiency and communication challenges of the restaurant industry firsthand. Determined to create a solution that promotes a more fulfilling and sustainable work environment, Cuttinboard was born. Explore the inspiring journey of our founders and learn how their experiences led to the development of this game-changing tool for the restaurant industry.

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Cuttinboard Features

A platform to cut the chaos at restaurants

Scheduling, messaging, employee management, inventory, note taking, file storage, shift tasks, daily checklists, you name it...Cuttinboard didn't hold back when it came to creating a suite of powerful tools carefully designed to keep restaurants organized, and this is only the beginning!

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Assign shifts to your employees, use our visualization tools to make sure you are not overscheduling, see projected labor and adjust accordingly


Increase your profit margins by lowering your labor expense. Increase sales by creating strong systems and a culture of excellence

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Our Mission

Elevate your business graph

Elevate your business

Our priority is to offer you the tools and the guidance that will allow you to take your business to new heights. Your success is our success.

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Keep improving Cuttinboard

We want to listen to you and never stop improving Cuttinboard. This is just the beginning...we will only get better and better for you.

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People love us, and you will too

“ With Cuttinboard’s scheduling tool, I can easily manage my staff's schedules, and the app's push notifications keep everyone on track. It's been a lifesaver! I can’t believe I get all of this for only $50 a month. ”

Mark Williamson Satisfied Customer
Mark Williamson

General Manager | Melville Steakhouse

“ Thanks to this software, we can now spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on providing great service to our customers. It has truly revolutionized the way we do business. ”

Olivia Lee Satisfied Customer
Olivia Lee

Owner | Slurp Noodle Bar

“ Cuttinboard's daily checklists have transformed our restaurant's workflow. We can now ensure that important tasks are consistently completed, and our workplace is more organized than ever. ”

Carlos Sacristan Satisfied Customer
Carlos Sacristan

Owner | Spice Symphony

“ Since using Cuttinboard’s messaging software, our restaurant has become more efficient and communication between the team has improved significantly. ”

Isabella Rodriguez Satisfied Customer
Isabella Rodriguez

Owner | The Guac Spot

“ The note-taking and file storage features have streamlined our training process for new employees. Cuttinboard has helped us create a more efficient onboarding experience. ”

Liam Thompson Satisfied Customer
Liam Thompson

Owner | Cerro Grill

“ The messaging feature on Cuttinboard has been a game-changer for our restaurant. It's allowed us to communicate quickly and efficiently, solving problems in real-time and keeping everyone in the loop. ”

Mason Clark Satisfied Customer
Mason Clark

General Manager | Roast Masters

Cuttinboard side effects

May save time and minimize scheduling conflicts
May lead to reduced employee turnover
May enhance overall team collaboration
May boost staff productivity and efficiency
May promote a stronger and more cohesive company culture
May optimize resource allocation and reduce waste
May contribute to a more organized and streamlined workplace

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