Multi-location management

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Effortless Location Management

Seamlessly manage hundreds of locations from one central platform, saving you time and effort.

Supervisor Support

Add supervisors to help you manage your locations, ensuring that each location receives the attention and guidance it deserves.

Flexible Location Assignment

Easily assign and unassign locations to your supervisors, providing them with the autonomy they need to effectively manage their teams.

Enhanced Communication

Start direct messages with anyone in the organization, improving communication and collaboration across your entire network of locations.

Multi-Location Shifts

See the shifts assigned to you across multiple locations, helping you stay organized and on top of your responsibilities.

Comprehensive Message Boards

Access all the message boards you belong to across multiple locations, keeping you informed and connected with your teams.

Global Notes

Create Note Boards that are public to all your locations, allowing you to distribute company-wide information and maintain consistent standards and practices across your entire organization.

Global Files

Establish folders that are public to all your locations, enabling you to share and store essential company-wide documents and files in one convenient location.

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