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Tailor Access to Suit Your Needs

Choose from three membership types for each Notes Board: Open to Everyone, Linked to a Position, or Selected Members, ensuring the right people have access to the right information and providing tailored educational resources to help your staff excel in their roles.

Keep Your Team Informed and Engaged

Easily add and edit notes that your staff can instantly access on their phones. Delegate control by granting Admin permissions to select team members, fostering collaboration and efficient management of the Notes Board.

Organize Videos, Documents, and Links

Create a Notes Board to store links to external resources such as training videos, web documents, or important websites, keeping everything easily accessible for your team. Centralize all the tools you use in your work in one place.

Streamline Onboarding and Improve Efficiency

Utilize the Notes app to share information about unique aspects of your restaurant location, reducing confusion for new employees and saving time for managers.

Simplify Inventory Management and Ordering

Create Notes Board to store and organize your supplier and vendor contact information, streamlining your inventory and ordering processes.

Never Lose Your Important Data

Your notes are automatically synced across devices and backed up in the cloud, ensuring your team's valuable information is always safe and accessible.

Find Information Quickly and Easily

Our powerful search and filtering features allow users to quickly locate specific notes, saving time and increasing productivity.

Create and review notes on the go

Harness the power and convenience of mobile note-taking to streamline your restaurant's communication and organization. Keep all your essential information, ideas, and reminders at your fingertips, easily accessible, and shareable with your team, all from your mobile device. Try our mobile note-taking feature today and experience the incredible impact it can make on your restaurant's success.

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