Employee Management

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Maintain Employee Records

Create detailed employee profiles to store essential information, such as contact details and documents. Keep everything in one convenient location, making employee management more organized and efficient.

Streamline Onboarding

Easily onboard new hires, as soon as they are added they have access to necessary resources, training materials, and company policies, ensuring a smooth transition into their new role.

Drive Employee Growth

Add personalized comments and annotations for each employee, supervise their growth. Set clear objectives for your team and track their progress towards achieving them. This helps to align individual goals with restaurant objectives and supports employee growth and development.

Ensure Adherence to Regulations and Policies

Monitor and manage compliance with labor laws, health and safety regulations, and company policies to maintain a safe and legally compliant work environment. Make sure employees have the latest certificates such as food handling certification.

Effortlessly Promote or Demote Employees

Easily change an employee's role with just a click, granting or revoking access to app features based on their new position. Ensure a smooth transition and maintain the right access levels for each role.

Create and Manage Positions with Ease

Select from a pool of over 20 predefined restaurant positions or create your own custom ones. Update employee positions and wages seamlessly, keeping your workforce organized and accurately categorized.

Control Access to Employee Wages

Protect sensitive wage information by deciding which managers can view and manage staff wages. Maintain confidentiality and safeguard employee privacy while ensuring appropriate access for authorized personnel.

Manage employees on the go

Experience the power and convenience of mobile employee management, and elevate your restaurant's performance to new heights. Keep track of your team, make important decisions, and maintain a well-organized workforce, all from the palm of your hand. Try our mobile employee management feature today and discover the transformative impact it can have on your restaurant's success.

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